Excellence in Pet Aftercare Services

Heavenly Paws of Texas proudly offers pet aftercare services with the highest standards in communities we serve. We are accredited by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories, your assurance that our facilities, procedures, and customer care are top notch.

In your time of need, we help you honor your pet’s life with our services. Our services are exactly the same if you request them through a participating veterinarian, or directly – when it’s time, we’re where your pet needs us.

Excellence In Pet Aftercare Services: Heavenly Paws of Texas

For Your Immediate Needs

Time Critical with Heavenly Paws Services

Easier time-critical choices:

An unexpected loss is never welcome, and time is important. We work with leading veterinarians to ensure you are able to request everything you would like via our HonorStation in their facility.

Faster Response Time with Heavenly Paws Services

Faster response:

When you need us at your home promptly, we schedule a time to respectfully pick up your pet. For leading veterinarians, we schedule pick ups appropriately.

Chain Of Custody with Heavenly Paws Services

Chain-of-custody tracking:

Our software tracks pets at every step of their journey with us. This provides you with notifications at checkpoints from pick-up to return of remains.

Lasting Memories at Heavenly Paws of texas

For Lasting Memories

We offer many creative ways to hold on to memories of your pet. Some are requested when your pet begins their final journey. Many can be ordered later, or as gifts for another pet lover.
Our online request system walks you through choices for items to help bring your pet back home:
  • Clay paw print
  • Selection of urns
  • Grave markers
For keepsakes or thoughtful gifts, you can choose from a variety of jewelry, key chain and necklace pendants, books, and other remembrance items.

Dignity and Privacy, Guaranteed

Cremation Options We Provide

We handle every pet respectfully and carefully, digitally tracking each pet throughout their final journey from pickup to return for guaranteed results. If it is more convenient, pets may be dropped off directly at our New Braunfels facility for either package level, with a service credit.

Pet aftercare service requests may be placed online using a desktop or mobile browser, or using a Heavenly Paws HonorStation at participating veterinarians.

  • Pick up, at vet or home

  • Secure ID tracking

  • Online status for Pet Parents

  • Pet separated in chamber

  • Pet alone in chamber

  • Clay Paw Print

  • Pet remains returned

Absolute Private
  • Pick up, at vet or home

  • Secure ID tracking

  • Online status for Pet Parents

  • Pet separated in chamber

  • Pet alone in chamber

  • Clay Paw Print

  • Pet Remains Returned

When It's Time, We're Where Your Pet Needs Us: